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Le Petit Chaperon Mauve - Little Mauve Riding Hood

This is a retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood tale, in a... modern set :)


The characters:


The protagonists
  • Mo' - also known as Little Mauve Riding Hood, before her angsty teens decided otherwise
  • Wolf - the Bad Guy, but without forest, what kind of traps will he use?
  • Granny - it's difficult to predict her mood nowadays, but she's an all-round good gal; currently ill

Languages: French and English, switchable anytime you want in the Preferences screen.


  • bosinpai : scenario, programming, backgrounds, music, English translation
  • Lady : Chap'/Mo', Mamie/Granny
  • redgriff : Loup/Wolf
  • Hazel-Bun of Cherubim Scribes : proofreading
  • Music : bosinpai, JS Bach
  • Sounds : luffy, saphe, phenoxy, jhumbucker from freesound.org (full precise credits in CREDITS.txt)

This game is released under Creative Commons BY-SA.

It also includes source material, all editable with free software!

Sources removed from itch.io following their new terms of services (discussion).

Download the game at LemmaSoft.

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